Sensuality, Pleasure, Intimacy, Connection with Dominique Peters

Sensuality, Pleasure, Intimacy, Connection with Dominique Peters



The Sexy Coach- Dominique Peters


 Dominique Peters, MA, is a certified yoga teacher, Intentional Creativity® Teacher, Reiki master, and Tantra Coach. A student of language, sexology, psychology, and sociology, Dominique taught English and Psychology for over a decade before discovering and pursuing her true purpose: using Tantra and Intentional Creativity to bring sexual healing to the world. She offers one on one and group coaching as well as her online program, The Sacred Sexual Compass©. Through a combination of Tantric breathwork, meditation, sensual movement, and Intentional Creativity®, she helps people transform their sexual stories so they may connect more deeply to their body, heart, inner wisdom and sensual life force energy. Dominique is inspired to share ancient Tantric secrets with the world, with her ultimate mission of being a compassionate warrior of sexual healing. 

Dominique only works with women at this time. You can learn more about what she offers at

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Transmuting & Transformation


Dominique guides women in becoming the most juicy, supple and luscious version of themselves. Yes, it takes work, and it's totally worth it.



Dominique shares ancient Tantric Tools and Intentional Creativity  to help women get in touch with their Divine Feminine Self.